Steam Sterilizer



This sterilization and depyrogenation tunnel utilizes hot air to assure complete sterilization of different types of bottles. This system is designed to assure a smooth transition for bottles preparation from washer to tunnel. The tunnel packs bottles onto a stainless steel mesh belt and conveys the bottles through preheat, hot and cool zones. In each zone the bottles are subject to HEPA filtered air to prepare them for filling. The system monitors and controls differential pressures to assure proper operation of the tunnel and the interface of the tunnel to wash room and fill area.


Technical Parameter
  • Conveying speed: 10m/min

  • Power supply: 3 phases, 380V, 50-60Hz

  • Total power: 500W,

  • Total weight: 200kg

  • Overall dimension: L(6500~12000mm)×W500mm×W1200mm


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