Model: RF-Z22


Reafine's Z-series vibratory fillers are the net-weigher filling solution for the precise feeding and weighing of free-flowing and occasionally non free-flowing granular products. With customized elements, including the hopper, feeder pan and control system, it vibrates to convey the dry goods to hopper to discharge until the weights reaches pre-set values. Reafine vibratory fillers are designed to handle the unique needs of precise weights – from small consumables such as nuts and snack food to industrial use, without causing damage to the product. Granular and chemical products in packaging sizes weigh up to 1 kilogram.



  • Digital 32bit scale controller

  • 30 product memory

  • Statistical analysis of a shift run.

  • Weigh units of measure

  • Weight or count mode

  • Automatic tare of weigh bucket

Technical Parameter
  • Filling range: 200-5000g

  • Filling accuracy: ≤0.2% 

  • Filling speed: 8-15 times/min

  • Power supply: 220V 50-60Hz

  • Total power: 700W

  • Total weight: 200kg

  • Dimension: 970×860×1200mm



Suitable products: Sugar, Salt, Washing Powder, Seeds, Beans, Rice, Seasoning, Agriculture Chemicals, Coffee, Sesame, Food Granules, Household Chemicals, etc.


The number of hoppers

Hopper cover

Product level sensor

Sanitary design

Dimpled or coated contact surfaces

Nylon coating

Integration with OEM (VFFS etc..)

Variety of filling accessories/nozzles

Bulk / dribble product gate




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