Model: RF-C10


The Reafine's open mouth bag filling system Model C10 is designed with variable speed twin augers perfecting the art of “bulk and dribble” feeding. The main auger provides high throughput and speeds, while the second auger supplements extra filling material for precise dosing. This technology allows the packer to feed material at three sequential speed settings which produces faster, more accurate measurements.


The Model C10 is equipped with an inflatable dust proof device to provide a clean working environment. Capacity requirements and product characteristics are matched to either a gross or net weigh filler, configured with different dosing systems. Metering and weighing of product is automated and monitored by load cells and an electronic weigh control. These sophisticated controls paired with optimal product feed configuration deliver optimal performance and accuracy. Fillers are suited to all bag material types including paper, plastic, and woven pp bags. Closing lines may be integrated with any type of required closing or sealing system.


Automatic bulk bag packaging line


  • Product agitator for material conditioning

  • Dual augers for bulk and dribble feeding

  • Drop out bottom for ease of cleaning

  • Enclosed discharge area and inflatable bag spout for dust control

  • T4000 weigh controller with digital readout

Technical parameter
  • Filling range: 5-50kg

  • Filling accuracy: ≤0.2% (depending on material characteristic)

  • Filling speed: 2-3 bags/min

  • Powder supply: 3 phases, 380/220V, 50-60Hz

  • Total weight: 300kg

  • Dimension: 1250×830×2185mm


Suitable products: Milk Powder, Sugar, Coffee, Detergents, Agriculture Chemicals, Ground Coffee, Protein Powder, Cosmetics, Flours, Food Powders, Seasonings, Spices, Talc, Household Chemicals, etc.


Dosing system

There are some product dosing systems to match product range characteristics:

-dual screw feed product dosing

-single screw feed product dosing

-belt feed product dosing

-vibratory pan feed product dosing

Bag vibration device

Stainless steel contacts with food grade finish

De-aeration probes to stabilize fluidized products

Bag settler

Container platform and lift

Removable screws and agitator

Automatic bag placer

Downstream sealing, conveying and palletizing equipment


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