Model: RF-C20


Reafine's Model C20 is designed to handle products that are aerated, bind, cake, or bridge easily. Model C20 is equipped a single auger and able to provide minimum aeration of product with consistent product flow and clean operation. Empty valve bag is simply placed on filling tube and the start signal is actuated. Filling, weighing and cut-off at weight are fully automatic. The variable speed auger option utilizes 'bulk and dribble' feeding technology ensuring fast and accurate weight measurement.



  • Single or multiple spouts

  • Product agitator for material conditioning

  • Regenerative blower

  • Pneumatic bag clamp

  • Drop out bottom foe ease of cleaning

  • T4000 weigh controller with digital readout

Technical parameter
  • Filling range: 2-50kg

  • Filling accuracy: ≤0.3% (depending on material characteristic)

  • Filling speed: 1-3 bags/min

  • Powder supply: 3 phases, 380/220V, 50-60Hz

  • Total weight: 240kg

  • Dimension: 800×700×1200mm



Suitable products: Milk Powder, Sugar, Coffee, Detergents, Agriculture Chemicals, Ground Coffee, Protein Powder, Cosmetics, Flours, Food Powders, Seasonings, Spices, Talc, Household Chemicals, etc.



Pneumatic bag kicker

Spout filling station with chair for operator

Bag settler

Container platform and lift

Removable screws and agitator

Bag inflater with spout

robotic bag placer

ultrasonic sealer

Downstream conveying and palletizing equipment









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