Model: RF-B10


The Model B10 is a complete, economical solution to your filling production line requirements. It consists of the industry-proven Reafine filling head, an independent motorized chain conveyor mounted on a sturdy, stable frame base, and all necessary accessories to reliably move and position containers for filling, dispense the required amount of product, then quickly move the filled containers away to other equipment in your line (e.g., cappers, labelers, etc.). PLC control system provides precise selection and adjustment of fill amounts and machine functioning.



  • Reliable Shaft Encoder & Clutch/Brake control of auger revolutions for repeatable, accurate dispensing

  • Filling by Auger Revolution Count or Time

  • Controller Diagnostics and Self-Testing for easy fault notification and identification

  • Valuable Status and Production totals available directly from Control Panel

  • 3-Speed drive system

  • Solid-State Clutch/Brake control for accurate, repeatable auger control and coast compensation

  • Variable speed conveyor motor to easily match operating speeds of ancillary equipment

  • “No Container/No Fill” switch prevents spillage and product waste due to missing or damaged containers

  • Pneumatically-operated container indexing air cylinders provide coordinated and controlled container positioning and movement

  • Adjustable conveyor guiderails to handle up to 7″ wide containers


Technical Parameter
  • Filling range: 10-500g

  • Filling accuracy: ≤0.3-1% (depending on material characteristic)

  • Filling speed: 20-50 cans/min

  • Total weight: 350kg

  • Hopper volume: 45L

  • Container size: dia. 20-200mm, height 50-300mm

  • Dimension: 2000×1200×2150mm


Suitable products: Milk Powder, Sugar, Coffee, Detergents, Agriculture Chemicals, Ground Coffee, Protein Powder, Cosmetics, Flours, Food Powders, Seasonings, Spices, Talc, Household Chemicals, etc.



Special coatings of the bin and of the densifying screw for products that tend to stick.


Feed hopper

Unique design of the bin structure allows an easily detachable feed hopper for clients that require frequently washing of bin.


Complementary filling head

Another auger filler may be equipped to proceed the second time dosing to supplement a smaller volume, in order to increase the filling accuracy.

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