Model: RF-B40


B40 automatic twin head auger filler with automatic container handling designed to fill and cap powder and granular products into almost any rigid containers including bottles, jars, buckets, boxes, drums and pails. Reafine's automatic rotary fillers provide high throughput and speeds with its precise and ease of use and cleaning for even the most demanding production environments.


Model B40 operates continuously with product dispensed into funnels traveling on a circular, multi-position turret by an integral infeed conveyor. Timing screws and starwheel components space and position containers into the turret. Main variable speed auger drives operate continuously to dispense product accurately. Product weight is easily adjusted by the operator or from system feedback signals, and production rates are adjusted by varying turret speeds.


Multiple filling heads allow extra dosing to supplement smaller volumes, in order to increase the filling accuracy.



  • The suspending bottle-neck cramping design assures whole production line more stable during the working process and it also avoids malfunctions caused by the different bottle thickness or height.

  • The design dramatically reduces the required quantities of interchange parts which make it more convenient to change different types of bottles on washing, filling and capping.

  • Magnetic torque is applied on bottle screw-capping. Constant screw capping power can be adjustable step less and therefore will not hurt the bottles at all.

  • Horizontal swirl cap sorting device is applied to avoid damaging caps. No bottles, no filling, no capping.

  • Filling by Auger Revolution Count or Time

  • Controller Diagnostics and Self-Testing for easy fault notification and identification

  • Valuable Status and Production totals available directly from Control Panel

  • 3-Speed drive system

  • Variable speed conveyor motor to easily match operating speeds of ancillary equipment

  • Pneumatically-operated container indexing air cylinders provide coordinated and controlled container positioning and movement


Technical Parameter
  • Filling range: 10-3000g

  • Filling accuracy: ≤0.2% (depending on material characteristic)

  • Filling speed: 20-50 cans/min

  • Total weight: 420kg

  • Hopper volume: 45L/20L

  • Container size: dia. 20-200mm, height 50-300mm

  • Dimension: 2300×1000×2000mm



Suitable products: Milk Powder, Sugar, Coffee, Detergents, Agriculture Chemicals, Ground Coffee, Protein Powder, Cosmetics, Flours, Food Powders, Seasonings, Spices, Talc, Household Chemicals, etc.



Special coatings of the bin and of the densifying screw for products that tend to stick.


Feed hopper

Unique design of the bin structure allows an easily detachable feed hopper for clients that require frequently washing of bin.








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