Reafine's VFFS bagging machinery is a complete vertical filling solution capable of producing a variety of bag styles and speeds to meet your production demands. Model W600 is able to handle various products that requires laminate film structures and polyethylene films. A variety of filling methods are integrated to package products such as spices and seasonings, flour based products, coffee, snack foods, candy, chemicals, etc. Available in both intermittent and continuous motion, Reafine's W-series vertical form fill seal baggers are the Faster, Cleaner, Smarter solution to your packaging needs. And, our intermittent motion models can be easily converted to continuous motion in the field as your production needs change.



  • All servo vertical form fill seal (vffs) baggers for faster operating speeds

  • Quick changeover of sealing jaws to switch between laminated and non-laminated film

  • Unique center-lining features for simple, tool-less and quick changeover of forming tubes and film rolls

  • Film roll changes achieved in less than a minute with our 2-position film roll feature

  • Open-frame architecture for easy cleaning and troubleshooting

  • Vertical form fill seal bagging machines with traditional heat sealing or Ultrasonic welding


Technical Parameter
  • Film size range: length. 100-320mm, width 70-750mm

  • Filling accuracy: ≤0.5-1% (depending on material characteristic)

  • Filling speed: 25-85 bags/min

  • Powder supply: 3 phases, 380/220V, 50-60Hz

  • Total weight: 510kg

  • Dimension: 1430×1200×1500mm


Suitable products: Milk Powder, Sugar, Salt, Coffee, Detergents, Agriculture Chemicals, Coffee, Seeds, Beans, Rice, Protein Powder, Cosmetics, Flours, Food Powders, Seasonings, Spices, Talc, Household Chemicals, etc.


All our models of vertical form seal machines can be upgraded to include a hole punch, tare notch, nitrogen flush, label application, ink jet date code printing and gusset attachment for stand up pouching needs


Dosing system

-Reafine auger filler series

-Reafine vibratory filler series




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